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The couple Teresa and Jerome Suns have started producing gloves in 1970.
The experience of Mr. Jerome is from the school of the company Trussardi, historical landmark of Bergamo leader and producer of the best gloves sold in the world in the 50s and 80s.
1990 sees the debut in the company of his son Dimitri in support of the great work commitment and its entrance gives a touch of dynamism to the experience of the parents.
The fine craftsmanship of gloves and the attention dedicated to cutting and assembly of materials are the flagship of the company Suns looking for its products exclusivity and high quality.


    Pattern Making
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    Materials we used to buy materials in advance mostly based on top luxury leather for gloves by our specialized tanneries all around europe . we use lamb soft leather, deer leather , reptils top quality and goat skins .
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    Sample Making we use to make samples in orders to satisfy ad hoc needs of our customers .
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    Production Super fast production from 10 to .... gloves totally made in italy . we sell entire well done and finalized gloves and we take care about expedition all around the world
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Some of our happy clients

Loro Piana , Armani, Gucci, Ferragamo, Polo Ralph Lauren , Versace , Dolce & Gabbana etc..

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V. Beretta 1 24020 Ranica (BG)
Ranica - Bergamo, Lombardia , IT 24020

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